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On this website, I will discuss and review various goods and services whenever the occasion arises. If I think a product or service is worthwhile and the company that sells it has an affiliate program, I have no problem directing other people to it through the use of an affiliate link. This means that if you decide to buy the product I promote, I may receive a commission or some other form of compensation for my efforts.

There are some products and links to other services that are affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase using one of those links, I may receive a commission. On occasion, I am compensated to provide my sincere feedback regarding various products and/or services. As a direct result of this, no additional costs or fees will be assessed to your account.

These goods and services are recommended to you because I have faith in them and want to be of assistance to you in making positive changes in your life. Only those goods and services that I believe will be to your advantage have my endorsement. Of course, full disclosure: Because Making Sense of Cents is run as a business with the intention of making a profit, you can assume that I do, in fact, profit from it.

Assume that any links to products or services are affiliate links and that I will be compensated if you end up purchasing something as a result of clicking on those links. This will make things simpler for both of us.

Disclosure of affiliate links is done in accordance with the guidelines established by the Federal Trade Commission.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.


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