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Over the past ten years, Indian education has undergone significant change, and many of the world’s top international public schools increasingly recognise the importance of fostering a global community. For the regular CBSE international school curriculum to strike the correct balance between conventional, tried-and-true educational techniques and contemporary approaches with moderate private school fees, new global frameworks have been incorporated. 

Why make a change when Indian students are already successful in securing places at prestigious colleges around the world, one could wonder. This is unquestionably true, but there is still the matter of how to deal with contemporary global challenges, intricate environmental problems, and other intricate health-related issues that have been fueling widespread fears. 

Academic achievement alone will never be sufficient to address such global concerns; instead, a person must possess the proper mindset and initiative to think globally competitively. Here, the focus is on essential abilities that support successful entrepreneurship, problem-solving abilities, and leadership traits. 

Let’s examine the innovative teaching strategies that these CBSE international schools have incorporated into their curricula to support the development of world leaders.


Worldwide Curriculum

A global curriculum

A global curriculum develops a student’s global competence and instils in them a strong sense of teamwork and responsibility. This is accomplished by incorporating project-based learnings, which contribute to the development of a dynamic learning environment in the classroom, as well as other value-based initiatives like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and Individual Development Plans, which support the development of students’ conceptual and practical thinking. 

In addition to this, International Public Schools have built their educational frameworks and pedagogies to impart to their students priceless knowledge and abilities such as social skills, effective communication skills, improved cognitive capabilities, and competitive skills. 

To educate kids about the issues of the twenty-first century and the necessity of cross-platform cooperation to address these global concerns, these schools actively promote green initiatives and other environmental efforts.

Education Innovation

Here, innovation focuses on enhancing and modernising traditional ways that do not follow the fashions of the present age rather than using the newest technologies or devices. This is especially true of the school’s instructors and mentors, who have significant influence over these kids. 

Therefore, a good school recognises this generational divide and works to close it by periodically giving these teachers the chance to learn new things and develop their skills. International public schools uphold and actively practise these maxims. 

By assisting kids in learning topics in fresh and interesting ways and providing them with a platform where they may self-access and self-improve their skills, international schools have reinvented their teaching techniques.

Extracurricular Education

The emphasis in this place is on holistic development, which can be accomplished by assisting students in picking up new abilities in areas like sports, art, music, public speaking, theatre, technology, etc. 

These exercises can help students develop crucial abilities including critical thinking, social skills, collaboration skills, and teamwork and team building. These are some helpful character traits that can help accomplish success sooner rather than later. A holistic approach is highly important in the current global climate.

Schools’ Technology

The importance of digital literacy is almost equal to that of any other language or subject that is commonly taught to pupils in schools. To include this, one must adopt the proper mindset and look to technology’s improvements. 

To encourage innovation and creativity as well as to comprehend global competition, smart classrooms and dynamic creative environments are essential. Virtual laboratories are a huge advantage in International Public schools all across India and the world, especially those that cater to fundamental intellectual topics like science and maths.

Cultural variety and moral principles

What good is education if it cannot instil ethics and principles in its students, in the end? Truthfulness, empathy, kindness, and tolerance are qualities that people should possess in order to comprehend the challenges facing the world and come up with solutions for them. 

As a result of the remarkable array of origins and cultures represented in international schools, children are better able to understand one another and foster tolerance and cultural diversity. 

The pupils become acquainted with a group of people who are not as privileged as the rest of them through social initiatives that support causes like the improvement of old age homes or orphanages. These fundamental lessons are essential for raising kids of this generation’s understanding and sense of responsibility.


Admission to international CBSE schools

The admissions procedure for these International Public schools under the CBSE is rather straightforward.

  1. Online enquiry or admission forms are available on the majority of websites for international schools; these forms must be completed and submitted. There are other choices, such as calling the toll-free number or going to the campus with permission to continue.
  2. After that, an admissions coordinator will contact you to discuss the subsequent steps in the admissions process.
  3. To learn more about the facilities offered and to allay any remaining questions regarding the admissions process, parents can choose to take a campus tour in person or remotely.
  4. To determine their academic levels for their age group on the campus visit, kids might need to take a test.
  5. After the selection procedure is over, other tasks can be handled, including private school fees payments and document preparation. These were a few of the best techniques used by the best international public schools to give their kids the best chance to succeed on a global stage. 

The most important decision for a student’s entire future is how to select the optimal stream. When you are starting the CBSE school process for your child, you can use these important considerations as a general guideline.

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