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What exactly are cookies?

This website, along with the vast majority of other professional websites, makes use of cookies to enhance the user experience. When you browse a website, the host server may save some information on your computer in the form of a text file known as a cookie. This page will explain the information that they collect, how it is utilized, and the reasons why it is sometimes necessary for us to store cookies. In addition, we will demonstrate to you how to disable these cookies; however, you should be aware that doing so may cause certain aspects of the functionality of the Site to become impaired or ‘broken.’

How We Use Cookies

Cookies are used on this site for a number of reasons, including those that are detailed below. Unfortunately, there are no alternatives that are industry-standard that can deactivate cookies without also blocking the functionality and features that will be added to this site in the majority of situations. This is because cookies are required for the site to function properly. If you are unsure as to whether or not you require cookies, the best course of action is to keep them enabled if doing so is necessary to provide the service that you are utilizing.

Disabling Cookies

You are able to stop cookies from being stored on your computer by adjusting the settings on your browser. It is important to keep in mind that disabling cookies will reduce the functionality of this website as well as many other websites that you visit. If cookies are disabled on your browser, some of the functionality and features of this website will not work properly. As a consequence of this, disabling cookies is not something that is recommended. 

The Intentions Behind the Cookies We Create

  • Cookies that are related to accounts: If you decide to sign up for an account with us, we will use cookies to manage both the signup process and the general administration of your account. These cookies are usually deleted after you have finished checking out, but depending on the circumstances, they may remain on your computer in order to remember the settings for the website even after you have logged out.
  • Cookies related to logging in: While you are logged in, we will use the information stored in cookies to remember who you are. Because of this, you won’t have to keep logging in whenever you visit a new page on the site. These cookies are typically deleted or cleared when you log out, which ensures that you can only access restricted features and locations when you are logged in.
  • Newsletters sent via email that is related to cookies: On this website, which offers services for registering for a newsletter or an email subscription, cookies may be used to remember whether or not you have previously registered and to determine whether or not to display particular notifications that are only available to subscribers or users who are not subscribed.
  • Cookies that are related to the processing of orders: Because this website offers e-commerce or payment processing services, certain cookies are necessary in order for us to correctly process your purchase even if you navigate away from the page on which it was made.
  • Cookies pertaining to surveys: In order to provide you with fascinating insights, helpful tools, and a better understanding of our user base, we will occasionally conduct user surveys and quizzes. Cookies might be used in these surveys to keep track of respondents who have already finished a survey or to ensure that you receive accurate results even if you switch websites in the middle of the survey.
  • Cookies related to form submissions: When you enter data using a form such as those found on contact sites or comment forms, cookies may be used to remember your user details for future interactions. This may be done by the website you are visiting.
  • Cookies that store preferences on a site: To ensure that your time spent on our website is as enjoyable as possible, we provide the functionality that allows you to define your preferences regarding the operation of this site when you use it. We need to set up cookies in order to remember the preferences you’ve selected. This will allow us to retrieve this information whenever you interact with a page that is affected in some way by the selections you’ve made.

Cookies from Third Parties

In unusual instances, we may also make use of cookies supplied by reputable third parties. These instances are extremely rare. When browsing this site, you might come across some cookies that are owned and operated by third parties. This section will explain those cookies.

  1. This website makes use of Google Analytics, one of the most popular and well-respected analytics tools available on the internet, to assist us in better understanding how users interact with the site and how we can make enhancements to it. These cookies may keep track of information such as the amount of time you spend on the site and the pages that you visit so that we can continue to produce engaging content for you to enjoy.
  2. For more information regarding cookies used by Google Analytics, please visit the official page for Google Analytics.
  3. We use analytics provided by a third party to monitor and analyze how users interact with this website so that we can continue to produce engaging content. These cookies may record information such as the amount of time you spend on the site or the pages that you visit, which enables us to gain a better understanding of how we can make the site more useful to you.
  4. From time to time, we will experiment with brand-new features and make some relatively minor adjustments to the way the site is presented. These cookies may be used when we are still testing new features to ensure that you have a consistent experience while you are on the site and to ensure that we understand which optimizations our users like the most. Both of these goals are accomplished by ensuring that we understand which optimizations our users like the most.
  5. Because we sell products, it is essential for us to have accurate data regarding the percentage of site visitors who end up making a purchase, and these cookies will collect that specific type of transactional information for us. This is significant for you because it indicates that we will be able to create accurate business projections, which enables us to keep track of our advertising and product expenditures so that we can offer you the most competitive pricing possible.
  6. The Google AdSense service makes use of a cookie known as a Double Click cookie in order to deliver advertisements that are more relevant to the user throughout the web and to limit the number of times a particular advertisement is displayed to the user.
  7. For additional information regarding Google AdSense, please refer to the official Google AdSense privacy FAQ.
  8. We utilize advertisements as a means of offsetting the expenses associated with running this website and providing funding for its continued growth. The purpose of the behavioral advertising cookies utilized on this website is to ensure that we provide you with the most pertinent advertisements that are currently available. This is accomplished by anonymously recording your interests and displaying comparable things that may be of interest to you.
  9. Affiliate tracking cookies are used to determine whether or not a customer arrived at our website by clicking on a link from one of our partner websites. This enables us to give the customer the appropriate amount of credit for their visit to our website and, if applicable, to award any bonuses that our affiliate partners may offer for successfully completing a transaction.
  10. This website may also contain social media buttons and/or plugins that make it possible for you to interact with the members of your social network in a number of different ways. It is necessary for the following social media sites, including “List here all your social networks whose features you have integrated with your site…”, to set cookies through our site in order for these to work properly. The information that is gleaned from these cookies may be used to improve your profile on the respective social media site or may contribute to the data that the site holds for a variety of purposes, as detailed in the respective privacy policies of the sites in question.

Additional Information

If you are unsure whether or not you require something, it is generally safer to keep cookies enabled in case it interacts with one of the functions you use on our site. Hopefully, this has made things easier for you, and as was mentioned earlier, if you are unsure whether or not you require something, you should keep cookies enabled.

If you require any additional information, please get in touch with us through any one of the following channels:

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