Explore the Hidden Treasures of Cartagena

 Cartagena, a colorful Spanish colony, is decorated with magnanimous vacation houses of affluent Colombians. The gentle salty breeze blowing from the Caribbean spreads the lively vibes of the city. You can fuel your wandering soul with some of the best coffee and tropical fruits.

You will meet pretty ladies selling local items in colorful dresses and spreading happiness while walking down the cobblestone streets. It is a unique city and a flawless fusion of art, history, culture, nightlife, and beaches.

You can catch the wonders of this stunning destination standing on the mesmerizing Caribbean coast and witnessing its breathtaking skyline. You can plan a budget-friendly trip to Cartagena with Spirit airlines booking to discover its treasures and history.

5 Impressive Destinations in Cartagena

Do you know there are several types of travelers, such as culture vultures, adventure seekers, and explorers? Decide who you are. Every place has some of the best-kept secrets waiting for you to unravel them, and here is a list of locations that Spirit Airlines flight booking has discovered for you. You should not miss these five attractions on your trip to Cartagena.

  • Getesmani

We all want to capture moments while making memories to relive those moments time and again. Whether you agree or not, while traveling, we search for unique places to take pictures to post on social media (addicted generation).

Getsemani has everything, from filling your hungry soul with mouth-watering cuisine to communicating the history of slavery with its art. You can catch sight of incredible art around the city with plenty of cafes, restaurants, bars, and shops. The main square at night gets filled up with tourists and locals enjoying food and drinks.

Visitors can explore the most picturesque destinations of Getesmani, famous as Callejón Angosto and alle de la Magdalena, also known as Umbrella Street. Walking down the lane under the shades of colorful umbrellas hanging above is the prettiest thing you could ever witness.

  • San Felipe Castle

San Felipe de Barajas Castle is an unmissable iconic landmark in Cartagena. It lies on the east side of the Getsemaní, constructed in 1657, and this stunning castle is on the top of a 130-foot high hill. We all are pirates movie fans, but the story behind building this castle will make us more curious to learn about them. It was built to seek protection against pirates scramming with silver and gold.

Visitors can explore the maze-like tunnels while enjoying the tranquil panoramic views of the city. It is a perfect destination to land with a spirit book ticket to soothe your wanderlust soul. You have to cross the complex system of tunnels through the mountain base, and a small hike filled with mesmerizing landscapes takes you to this praise-worthy castle.

Ø Playa Blanca (Baru Islands)

Imagine yourself standing on a coast, following the gently moving waves of crystal clear water and witnessing blue land as far as the eyes see. Playa Blanca, Isla Baru, is an island filled with tropical luxury.

The lively atmosphere connects you with the locals and their culture. Visitors can replace the loud music of horns with the soothing sound of waves. You can dive in the azure blue water, relax on the powdery sand coast, and take a leisurely walk to indulge in the place.

  • El Totumo (Totumo Volcano)

El Totumo (Totumo Volcano) can give you one of the most unique and outstanding experiences of your life. This popular destination has a naturally heated bath of grayish-brown silt that attracts tourists from every corner. You can warp yourselves in the grayish-brown sluch having therapeutic properties on this small volcanic caldera. You can head to the lagoon next to the mud bath to rinse off the mineral-rich mud.

  • Los Zapatos Viejos (the Old Shoes Monument)

The incredible architecture fills us with wonders and curiosity, and Los Zapatos Viejos (the Old Shoes Monument) is an architectural marvel in Cartagena. The museum lies at the base of San Felipe Castle and has a massive sculpture of a pair of old boots. You can get inside the boot and click your pictures. It is a creation of Hector Lombana Pineres in retort to the poem Mi Ciudad Nativa. It is a poem by a local poet, Luis Carlos López. He is among South America’s most respected writers.

Things You Must Try in Cartagena

Spirit Airlines Reservations window takes passengers to this gem of a destination at minimum prices. We aim to make air travel budget-friendly and cheap so that you can explore activities and attractions freely.

  • Explore the turquoise shoreline

Cartagena is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the Caribbean. You can relax on a sunny day on the gentle sand pearls admiring the horizon. You can explore Bocagrande a not-so-picturesque destination, but you can have cheap beers and delicious seafood.

Visitors can enjoy a boat tour around the Rosario Islands, an archipelago about 100km off the coast. It is a natural national park that protects coral reefs. You can witness the mind-blowing nightlife culture of the Caribbean on Playa Blanca and other beaches. While planning your trip, you should include an overnight stay in one of the busiest beaches of Cartagena to relish the most happening night.

  • Float in a hammock over the sea

You can plan an outing in a floating hostel, Casa en el Agua, in Cartagena. Visitors can create videos and pictures of their stay at this mesmerizing destination. You can experience swinging in a floating hammock over the sea, munching on lip-smacking seafood and tropical drinks and fruits.

Visitors planning to experience this non-obvious experience should make reservations 60 days before the visit.

Cartagena Is Waiting For You!

Cartagena is a gateway to experience the non-obvious, from painting yourself its vibrant culture, nightlife, and history to drenching your wander thirsted soul in the turquoise water of the Caribbean.

It is a perfect place to relish a beach holiday with family and friends or try new adventures with your partner. You can enjoy great deals and packages on group booking using Spirit airlines book a flight and explore Cartagena to its core.

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