How To Delete Cash App Transaction History? [Details Updated]

Are you stranded with the query- How To Delete Cash App Transaction History? Don’t find any way to delete the payment history? Here’s the blog where you’ll get all the solutions:

If you’ve made a payment then its transaction history is going to be saved in the account forever, you cannot delete it as it is not allowed by the cash app. But the good thing is that the cash app keeps all the payment transactions secure and safe. No one other than the account holder can see it.

Continue reading this blog to find out more about the process of cash app transaction deletion:

Can I delete my all transaction history?

No, users of the cash app don’t have this facility to delete the transaction history. Cash app has strict security features because of which no one can get access to your account other than yourself. So, all your transactions are safe with the cash app.

On the cash app, you cannot remove any transactions that you’ve already made on it. Once you make any transaction, the receipt of the transaction will be there forever. So, you cannot either hide or delete them.

How can I view my cash app transactions?

Every transaction that you do on the cash app will be getting saved in the account. Mainly there are two ways of checking your cash app transactions. Firstly, you can view it on your mobile app. The second way is checking the transactions on a laptop via a web browser or official cash app account.

Those who’re using the cash app on a browser will have to navigate to the official Cash App website. On the browser, enter the cash app’s site and then proceed.

In the next step, the user needs to log in to go to the profile page.

After that, simply navigate to the ‘Statements’ that will be available at the top right corner of the page.

In the final step, choose the month for which you want to see the transaction statement.

If you are using Mobile App then you’ll have to use the app to log in and then go to the Personal tab.

After this, simply scroll down to the screen to find where the option of ‘Documents’. From there, you’ll have to tap on the ‘Monthly Statements’.

Now, just select a specific month for which you need to check the transaction and then tap on it.

How can delete the cash app transaction history?

It is already discussed above that no user has the facility to delete the cash app transaction history. This means you cannot delete it at any cost.

If you still want to delete your Cash App history, the only option that is left is to delete your entire cash app account. No cash app account means no previous transaction history. Apart from this, you cannot do anything in this.

Cash app offers multiple features and facilities to users such as paying bills, checking transactions, canceling a payment, and so on. But, only the deletion of the cash app account is not possible.

Always keep in mind that your transaction history is safe for your as it cannot be viewed by anyone. You as the only owner of the cash app account can check and see the history of payments that you have made.

Still, want to delete your payment history? If yes then here’s what a user will have to do.

For deletion of the Cash app account, first, open your account with login credentials and then go to “Profile”.

After this, look for the option of “Support” to tap on it. By clicking on it, you’ll get other options from which you need to click on “Something Else”.

In the next step, navigate to the “Account Settings” of your cash app account.

Go to the option of “Close Account” to confirm the process. Before account deletion, make sure to download the history for your further applications. This way, you can delete the whole account for the deletion of the transaction history.

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Is it possible to hide transactions on the cash app?

No, it is not

Cash app has its policy according to which you can neither delete it nether hide it. It will be there in your cash app account forever but others cannot see it. Your transaction history will be there in your account forever.


For security and record purposes, the Cash app keeps the payment history permanently. From the above, it is clear that you cannot delete your transaction history on Cash App.

Here we have mentioned some steps for the deletion of the entire cash app account. This blog will tell you How To Delete Cash App Transaction History.

FAQs – 

How do I delete transaction history on Venmo?

To delete a transaction on Venmo, first find the transaction you want to delete by going to your History tab. Once you have found a transaction, click on it and then press the “Delete” button.

How do I hide transactions on Cash App?

Cash App is a peer-to-peer payment app that allows you to send money to anyone in the US. You can withdraw money from your Cash Card at any ATM, bank, or retail location.

You can hide transactions on the Cash App by going to Settings > Privacy > Transactions and clicking the Hide button next to your transaction.

Does Cash App keep transaction history?

Yes. Cash App maintains a history of all transactions for the account. To view your transaction history, go to your profile, tap “Payments” and then tap “History”.

Cash App maintains a history of all transactions for the account. To view your transaction history, go to your profile, tap “Payments” and then tap “History”.

Can you delete transaction history on the Cash App?

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete your transaction history on Cash App. The app keeps track of all transactions done by users in order to provide customer support and prevent fraud. However, there are some ways to make your transaction history less visible.

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