How to get a high paying job at Google

Many people hope to work for Google one day. Working at Google is one of the world's most prestigious jobs.

Things you need to be aware of to obtain employment at Google:

Many people have the ambition of working for Google one day. Working for Google is regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious and desirable careers. Working as an intern at Google can earn you between 70 and 80 thousand dollars per year, while the starting salary for a software engineer at Google is 120 thousand dollars! Regarding annual revenue, Google is the fifth most profitable company in the United States.

Around 25 million job applications are submitted to Google annually from people in different parts of the world; however, after the screening process, only 4,000 applicants are offered jobs. So for us, working for Google would be a dream come true if it were actually possible. However, nearly every year, five and seven fortunate individuals from Bangladesh are allowed to work for Google. I’d appreciate it if you could find out how you can join the ranks of the fortunate ones with me by your side as we investigate.

The cumulative grade point average is one of many factors considered when hiring at Google.

“Traditional educational qualifications are slowly becoming less important at Google,” said Laszlo Bock, vice president of human resources at Google. 14 percent of the people working at Google don’t have any kind of formal education!”

Your work experience will be verified by Google; your educational qualification will not be considered to the same extent. A good CGPA will help you get a job in any organization.

If you apply to Google within three years of graduation, they will ask for your academic transcript, and that information will be stored in Google’s electronic records for life; however, if you apply to Google after three years of graduation, the transcript is typically not required to be submitted, as it is of no use. This is an interesting fact.

If a person has the necessary abilities, Google will hire them regardless of where they sit in the classroom, from the front row to the back bench. So what kinds of experiences are necessary to work at Google?

  • Knowing how to code: It is essential to acquire coding skills in any programming language. This is the foundation for all other technical knowledge, like C++, Java, Python, etc.
  • Double-check the coding specifications: Simply knowing how to code is not sufficient. You absolutely need to be able to test the functionality of the code that you develop on your own. In addition, you must have a solid understanding of coding errors, how to run various software tests, and other software modification methods.
  • Be familiar with programming in parallel: Learning parallel programming is very important if you want to simultaneously work with massive amounts of data on a computer.
  • A solid understanding of the mathematical fundamentals requires fully comprehending abstract mathematical concepts. This results in the acquisition of knowledge about logical reasoning as well as mathematical continuity.
  • Knowledge of computer operating systems: Required skills include familiarity with various operating systems. However, Google will highlight the fact that you have special skills in the work that you do.
  • A solid understanding of artificial intelligence Having a tangible experience of artificial intelligence is critical. Because there is a lot of competition going on right now between different technology companies to be the best in this field.
  • Acquiring Knowledge of the Structure of Compilers: Acquiring this knowledge is necessary to design high-quality languages for humans, methodically construct more compatible programming languages for machines, and understand the structure of compilers.
  • Gaining an Understanding of Data Sources and Algorithms: You must have knowledge of various sorting algorithms, including Stacks, Bags, QuickSort, MergeMort, and sort, in addition to Kiwi.
  • Familiarize yourself with cryptology; having this knowledge is very important for maintaining online safety.

Therefore, what kinds of technologies cannot be utilized by Google? Absolutely not! In addition to technical knowledge, Google highly values many other qualities.

The more skills one possesses, the more opportunities one will find.

The more information you include on your resume, the better your chance of finding work. Every day, Google receives 3,000 applications; however, the company can’t call each applicant for an interview. Therefore, the more you participate in extracurricular activities as a student, such as sports, recitals, debates, internships, writing, acting, competitions, and so on, the greater the likelihood you will find employment after graduation.

Skills in Leadership

Because the majority of the work at Google is completed in small teams, there is always a chance that you will be responsible for leading a team at some point.

Google places a greater emphasis not on traditional leadership but on the leadership quality of being able to solve problems at the exact moment they are needed. Therefore, it will be of great importance in Google if you have ever led or managed anything in the various clubs, organizations, sports teams, creative work, etc., that you were involved in during your time as a student.

The capability of picking up new things quickly:

A distinction should be made between a person’s IQ and capacity for rapidly picking up new information. Interviews at Google evaluate candidates on how well they can acquire knowledge of a subject without prior knowledge and how well they can implement it when necessary.

The policy of Google concerning the consideration of the thoughts and viewpoints of others is very stringent.

Even though many people have a high IQ, they still freak out when in danger, whereas many people with average intelligence know how to keep a level head in stressful situations. Therefore, if you want to work for Google, you need to be able to comprehend a topic in a concise amount of time and put that comprehension into practice.

Work in a group:

If you want to get somewhere quickly, go it alone. However, if you want to get far, you should travel together.

Working at Google requires an individual to be mentally capable of cooperating with others in a group setting. However, this skill’s development begins on playgrounds when children are young. Many people in the world are convinced that they are always right. If someone tries to prove them wrong, they respond by making pointless comments; regardless of the impressive outcomes, those individuals will never succeed in Google because of their mentality.

Respecting the viewpoints of others:

When you work in a group, you will notice that many times, one person may have offered an idea, and everyone may be laughing at it. The friend may have become entirely silent after receiving such ridicule from everyone; even if he is bombed in the stomach, no new idea can be brought out.

Most of us will have an experience similar to this throughout our lives. Therefore, exercising creativity, also known as thinking “outside the box,” will never be possible. As a result, Google takes a very firm stance on the importance of respecting the thoughts and viewpoints of others.

Now let’s get into the application process for Google. Competitions for new employees are held regularly by Google in a variety of countries around the world. This online competition is broken down into a few distinct rounds.

Face-to-face interviews are the final step in becoming a staff member after candidates have advanced past the preliminary stage of the competition. Until 2022, 45–55 students from Bangladesh joined Google through this program. In addition to this, an application for an internship or a job directly can also be submitted.

Visit the following website for more information regarding the online application process:


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