Malaysia’s Top 11 Most Affordable International Schools

Education is an essential aspect of life, and in Malaysia, it is considered a key driver for socio-economic development. The education system in Malaysia is divided into three categories: national schools, national-type schools, and international schools. 

International schools in Malaysia are becoming increasingly popular among parents who want their children to have a global perspective and be exposed to different cultures. These schools also prepare students for higher education abroad and offer various extracurricular activities. However, international education can be expensive, and not everyone can afford the school fees. To help parents make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of Malaysia’s top 11 most affordable international schools.


1. Pelita International School – Penang: Pelita International School is a premier international school in Penang that offers preschool, primary and secondary education. The average tuition fee at Pelita International School is around RM 21,000 per year.


2. Global Indian International School – Kuala Lumpur: Global Indian International School is an international school in Kuala Lumpur. The school strongly focuses on academics and offers various extracurricular activities. The average tuition fee at Global Indian International School is around RM 15,000 per year.


3. Westlake International School – Perak: Westlake International School is an international school in Perak that offers boarding facilities for students. The average tuition fee weekly is RM 5,000, and full boarding is RM 6,200.


4. Wadi Sofia International School – Kelantan: Wadi Sofia International School takes a holistic approach to learning. The average annual tuition fee at Wadi Sofia International School is around RM 12,400 per year.


5. Sri Utama International School – Terengganu: Sri Utama International School is an international school in Terengganu that was established in 1994. The school focuses on a child’s overall development. The average tuition fee starts at RM 8,520 to RM 16,395.


6. Regent International School – Pahang: Regent International School is another excellent international school in KL that promises to mould well-rounded individuals. The fee is affordable, from RM 12,000 to RM 18,600 annually. 


7. Inspiros International School – Selangor: Inspiros International School offers the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum. The annual tuition fee at Inspiros International School is around RM 18,000.


8. Spectrum International Islamic School – Putrajaya: Spectrum International Islamic School is an international school in Putrajaya that offers an Islamic-based curriculum. The average tuition fee at Spectrum International Islamic School is around RM 17,000 per year.


9. Alnoor International School – Kuala Lumpur: Alnoor International School believes in teaching children social, moral, and cultural values through the British curriculum. Annual tuition fees in this international school range from RM 10,056 to RM 19,500 per year.


10. Zenith International School – Negeri Sembilan: Zenith International School in Negeri Sembilan is a premium education institution in the field of Arts and Science. The fees at Zenith are pretty affordable, ranging from RM6,000 to RM19,950.


11. Melaka International School – Melaka (Malacca): Melaka International School is an international school in Melaka (Malacca) that owns a license from the Ministry of Education of Malaysia. Yet another British-based school has an annual tuition fee of RM 24,000 on average.


In conclusion, international education in Malaysia is becoming increasingly popular, and parents have many options to choose from. The schools listed above are some of the most affordable international schools in Malaysia and offer high-quality education and a wide range of extracurricular activities. However, it is essential to note that the tuition fee is one of many considerations when choosing a school. Parents should also look at the school’s curriculum, facilities, and location before deciding on the dream school for their child.


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