Misconceptions About This Type Of Sterling Silver Jewelry

5 Common Misconceptions About This Type Of Sterling Silver Jewelry

Are you getting sceptical before investing in those stupendous and elegant pieces of sterling silver jewelry?

Are those concerns and questions against the quality and durability of sterling silver bothering you?

Well, being one of the most preferred and divine jewelry available in the market, it quite obvious that there are going to be some myths prevalent about sterling silver jewelry in the market.

Let’s Delve deep into 5 Myths about Sterling Silver and get a Reality Check About them.

Sterling Silver is Pure Silver

Most people mistook sterling silver with pure silver. And while shopping those pieces of sterling silver jewelry, they thought of having pure silver jewelry in their collection. However, the reality is a bit different.

Although sterling silver in no or other is fake or adulterated, still it cannot be counted as the finest silver.

Fine silver is without a doubt, the rawest and the most naturally occurring form of silver. Without any traces of mixing of metal/s.

Whereas, sterling silver is an alloy of copper and silver combined. Sterling silver jewelry has about 92.5% of pure silver and the rest 7.5% is copper.

But this reality does not justify raising concerns and questions over the quality and the beauty of sterling silver. You can still wear it with immense pride and honor.

Sterling Silver is Only for The Elite Club

No doubt that sterling silver is way precious and stupendous. And yes, you would definitely need to put aside a considerable chunk of your budget to adorn yourself with those sparkling and shimmering sterling silver ornaments.

But it does not mean that only those people who belong to the highly Elite Club, in terms of their lifestyle and income, can enjoy the privilege of having sterling silver jewelry on their body.

Unlike diamond and Gold, sterling silver is not included in the category of Premium and highly precious, rare metals.

It lies somewhere in the Sub-Premium Category of jewelry and ornaments being an alloy and not the purest form of silver, is yet another reason why the price of sterling silver is comparatively cheaper than pure silver.

In a nutshell, not accurately affordable, but far from being extremely expensive.

Sterling Silver is not Mouldable

Pure silver is extremely soft and vulnerable to breakage or damage when exposed to the ruthless production process of jewelry manufacturing

Well, again we need to remind ourselves that sterling silver is a bit contrasting in its physical attributes as compared to pure silver. In fact, the potent reason owing to which jewelers all around the globe chose to use sterling silver over pure silver is because of the stability and intact structure of sterling silver.

All credits go to that addition of 7.5% copper to sterling silver. Copper being highly ductile and strong, let the silver withstand the process of jewelry manufacturing. But beware, it is still 92.5% silver!

If you think that you can store or carry your sterling silver jewelry in any way that suits you, then you will definitely end up losing your beautiful ornaments. Be very protective and cautious when it come to taking care of your jewelry.

You Can’t Wear Your Sterling Silver Jewelry Everyday

Do you know that sterling silver jewelry is one of those very few jewelry ornaments that get less vulnerable to tarnishing if you wore them every day?

Well, our skin secrets are natural oils. These oils, when come into the contact with sterling silver, gets absorbed into them and provide the jewelry with a protective layer of anti-tarnishing that keeps your sterling silver jewelry bright and shinning.

Besides, sterling silver is also hypoallergenic. It means that it will not cause any problem to the wearer even if he/she is allergic to metals.

In fact, on the most major concerns of jewelry lovers worldwide is that some metals can cause skin allergies like irritation and agitation, redness, itching, etc. to those who are allergic to metals like brass and nickel.

But that’s not case with sterling silver. Having almost 92.5% of pure silver with only and only copper (that too in a very low volume), sterling silver is the most convenient as well as the best option for those people who are allergic to metals.

Wrapping Up.

So now, being completely about the reality behind some myths and pre-conceived notions about sterling silver, you should head towards getting your hands on some adorable pieces of sterling silver jewelry.

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Happy Shopping!

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