The Must-See Movies and Shows on Netflix

Thanks to Netflix’s extensive collection of original movies and TV shows, Netflix has become a leading streaming platform. Netflix has made some of the most exciteful movies that have garnered a massive audience worldwide. Netflix Originals are exclusive to the forum and produced or co-produced by Netflix.

Here are some must-watch movies and shows from Netflix Originals that you should add to your watchlist.

The Irishman

The Irishman is a Netflix Original movie that came out in 2019. Martin Scorsese directed it. Robert De Niro plays Frank Sheeran, a World War II veteran and former hitman for the Bufalino crime family. Al Pacino plays Jimmy Hoffa, a powerful labor union leader who disappeared in 1975.

In The Irishman, Joe Pesci plays Russell Bufalino, the head of the Bufalino crime family, and Harvey Keitel plays another high-ranking member. The movies take place over a long period. It shows how Frank moves up in the Bufalino family and gets close to Jimmy Hoffa. The film looks at loyalty, betrayal, and how expensive a life of crime can be. In The I

In flashback scenes, the older actors in The Irishman made to look younger by using a technology called “de-aging.” The technology made De Niro, Pacino, and Pesci look decades more youthful than they are, which let the movie take place at many different times.

Critics love how well the Irishman is directed, how well the actors play their parts, and how interesting the story is. The movie has been up for several Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director.

The Witcher

The Witcher is a Netflix Original show based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s book of the same name. Henry Cavill plays Geralt of Rivia in the series. Geralt is a monster hunter who lives in a world with magic, monsters, and political intrigue. The show’s first episode aired in December 2019, and it quickly became a hit with people worldwide.

In the show, Geralt hired by different people to hunt dangerous creatures for money. As he goes from town to town, he gets involve in a larger conflict between the kingdoms of the world and the powerful magic users who want to control them. Along the way, Geralt joins forces with powerful sorceresses and a young princess with a dark future.

People have said The Witcher has complex characters, a well-thought-out world, and exciting action scenes. The show is known for its amazing visual effects, like how it shows the magic and how Geralt fights different monsters. The show also has a talented cast, with Anya Chalotra as the sorceress Yennefer and Freya Allan as the princess Ciri.

Black Mirror

People have said that the series has thought-provoking themes, interesting stories, and beautiful visuals. The show has covered many topics, including social media, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the nature of reality itself. Black Mirror has also featured a talented cast, including Jon Hamm, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Letitia Wright.

One thing that makes Black Mirror stand out is that it looks at the unintended effects of technology. Often, the show asks what might happen if current trends keep going or if a certain technology is used to its fullest. People have said the show is like a modern Twilight Zone because each episode has a new twist or moral lesson.


The book Mindhunter is what the show is based on. The show also follows two FBI agents, Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), as they interview convicted serial killers to learn about their minds and develop new ways to profile and catch criminals.

The show takes place in the late 1970s and early 1980s and looks at how criminal profiling became what it is today. Mindhunter praised for its accuracy and attention to detail, as well as for its complex characters and well-thought-out plot. People have also said the show is good because it shows how studying serial killers can affect investigators’ mental health.

One of the best things about Mindhunter is that it shows serial killers in a complex way. The show has interviews with real-life killers like Ed Kemper, Jerry Brudos, and Richard Speck. These interviews give viewers an idea of what drove them and how they thought. The show also goes into the agents’ personal lives, showing their relationships and struggles as they deal with the worst parts of human nature.

Mindhunter got a lot of praise from critics and a strong following of fans. People have said good things about the show’s thoughtful look at the human mind, its careful attention to historical accuracy, and its great acting. Due to budget problems, the show was put on hold for good after its second season, which disappointed its fans.

Queen’s Gambit

Queen’s Gambit is a Netflix Original limited series that came out in October 2020 and was praised by critics. The show is also based on the same-named novel by Walter Tevis. Anya Taylor-Joy plays Beth Harmon, a young orphaned girl in the 1950s who finds she is good at chess and becomes a prodigy.

The series tells the story of Beth’s life, from her difficult childhood in an orphanage to her rise to fame as a world-class chess player. Along the way, she struggles with addiction, loneliness, the pressures of competition, and her insecurities and past traumas.

People have said the show’s stories, performances, and visuals are all very good. Critics have praised Anya Taylor-role Joy as Beth Harmon, which they have called a career-defining performance. The show has a talented supporting cast, including Marielle Heller as Beth’s adoptive mother and Thomas Brodie-Sangster as her childhood friend and fellow chess player.

One of the best things about Queen’s Gambit is how it shows chess. The show also makes the game exciting and tense, even for people who don’t know much about chess. The series also goes into the mental side of the game, looking at how top-level chess players think strategically and use their minds against each other.

The Pale Blue Eyes

Christian Bale and Scott Cooper work together again on the mystery thriller The Pale Blue Eye (Out of the Furnace, Hostiles) which is one the most fantastic movies. In 1830, death happened at the US Military Academy in West Point, New York. A retired detective, Augustus Landor (Bale), asked to investigate it. Landor finds that the cadet’s heart was taken out, and there are marks on his neck that point to murder.

After hearing that Landor (Brian Bloom) interested in the case, a young military student named Edgar Allen Poe (Harry Melling) offered to help him with his investigation. The same Edgar Allan Poe wrote “The Raven” and “The Fall of the House of Usher.” This gothic mystery will keep people in their seats until the last scene.

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