Top 10 Book Review and Rating Sites

The Most Comprehensive List of Websites That Review Books

On the internet, you may find book recommendations on a wide variety of websites and via the use of various online services. The majority of them are easy to do and don’t cost anything. Still, the best part is that they’ll help you avoid that sinking feeling of reader’s remorse that comes over you when you get home from the bookstore or library, start reading, and realize that you’ve just thrown away your time and possibly your money on an uninteresting book that you have no desire to finish. The answer to this problem is to visit several websites that provide book reviews before going book shopping.


One of the most popular online sites for those who enjoy reading is called Goodreads. The book suggestions you receive from Goodreads are based on what you have already read and what your friends are currently reading. Additionally, Goodreads promotes what is now widespread and imminent new releases. In addition, users can construct virtual bookcases as well as lists. Sometimes there will even be a question and answer session with the authors.


GoBookMart is a website that offers e-commerce as well as book reviews. It provides articles on various subjects, such as the best novels published in a particular month, etc. In addition to that, there is a diverse selection of book collections available on the internet. Furthermore, customers can post reader reviews and shop for books directly from the website.


On LibraryThing, users can add books to the catalog and receive suggestions based on the content of the books they have already read. In addition, visitors can participate in groups and debates, view prominent writers, and check out newly published books.


Bookish is unlike any other website that reviews books I’ve seen. A website with a literary focus is ideal for book clubs. It provides reading guides, quizzes, and activities based on various works of literature. In addition, it offers editorial content such as interviews with authors, articles on opinions, suggestions for books, reading challenges, and contests to win books.

Book Riot:

Book Riot is a website that lists everything, from the most influential authors of all time to the best books in each category. In addition, it offers its users a diverse selection of reviews. Book Riot also features a variety of podcasts that cover a wide range of topics linked to books and reading that users can choose to listen to.


On the LoveReading website, you can browse either fiction or nonfiction books. In addition, it publishes weekly staff choices, a book of the month, debut titles, and e-books and audiobooks. In addition, users can read reviews for any book included on the list.

Book Page:

The book page offers works from a wide variety of categories, including children’s books, nonfiction, works by established and up-and-coming authors, and many more. In addition to that, it includes essays and interviews with authors.

What Should I Read Next:

The What Should I Read Next website has a simple and uncomplicated layout. Users can read articles and reviews based on the books they have looked for. In addition, the website can make recommendations for readers comparable to those the user has already searched for.

Kirkus Reviews:

Since the 1930s, Kirkus has published reviews and contributed to their authoring. For example, the most popular novels of the week are discussed on this website. In addition, there are evaluations of books and lists of the top books in various categories and types.

NPR Books

NPR is primarily a news organization whose website features a distinct news area devoted to books. In this section, they discuss books and review the most recent publications.

Before you buy a book, make sure you read several reviews.

A wide variety of readers will be interested in the book review websites we have discussed. Some people will feel more at ease with the straightforward book rating methods, but others will prefer in-depth assessments authored by knowledgeable professionals.

Even if it is easy to be enticed by a beautiful book cover, it is always recommended to have a short glance at the book reviews before purchasing a book copy. Then, you’ll be able to keep some of your cash in your pocket and put the rest toward buying books that you’ll be pleased to have on display in your home for many years.


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